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Posted by : Luis Zena Dec 10, 2012

The news of a new Mega Man game being released for the 25th anniversary were quite welcoming except for the fact that there won't be an actual physical copy of the game but rather a digital PC download-only copy for free. I do like the free factor of it but I dislike the lack of collective value for the game. Besides, this was actually a fan-made game which makes Capcom look even lazier than their already usual self. You cancel Mega Man Universe and Mega Man Legends 3 and now you come and give us this? What a shame really...

 The game itself looks to be a lot of fun. I'll give you that but don't thank Capcom for it, thank the fans for such a cross over game. It will be quite fun to battle it out against Street Fighter characters, that's for sure.
 The level design also looks like a lot of fun. If you haven't noticed, the background of this pic looks quite familiar if you have played Street Fighter Alpha 2. I'll just leave it at that :p
You will be fighting against Dhalsin as well! That dude can sure stretch! Coming this December 17th, don't forget! Head over to the Capcom site and download away! It's definitely going to be interesting and fun to play. I still think Capcom is lazy and has disappointed me once again....

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