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Posted by : Luis Zena Dec 10, 2012

A game as simple as this one can be lots of fun. For this week, 10-Yard Fight has taken to top honors of the retro gaming world. Why is that? Well, it's simple yet fun which is something that a lot of games don't have nowadays. Lets check it out.

The the has no music at all except for the start of the game that is. That can mean that you can play any music in the background so pop in some metal rock and start bashing the competition! 

The graphics are primitive but what can you expect from an 8-bit game that came out during the birth of the console. There was so little one could do with such new technology. Give them a break! 
The gameplay is quite simple although you can make some crazy plays at the right moment. You control the entire team, that's right! The entire team moves the way your d-pad directs it. That means you can use the defense to take out part of the opponent who are trying to take down your middle guy. It's definitely something very interesting.

The game is good to sit down and play for a short period of time as it becomes repetitive. It has a lot of difficulty levels but it's practically the same thing over and over. Go ahead if you want to play the same thing over and over just with a little more difficulty.
The game is simple, the game is fun, but it's limited to short play. Check it out if you want to see a very simple football game. There are not NFL teams in here but there is 8-bit goodness! Enjoy!

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