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Posted by : Luis Zena Dec 10, 2012

The world of pirates sure gives you a lot of flashbacks. This one is yet another hack of a Wacky Racers game except they decided to put Simba in it. Welcome to the Lion King Wacky Racers Hack! I know it may sound bad and all but the game is not that bad although that's not due to the hacking done in it which is crappy but mainly because it's a fun platformer game. Lets take a look...

You won't hear any Disney tunes in this one but more like Hanna Barbera ones. I'm not even sure if there are any tunes from either as I'm not much a fan of the show. I do like the bite sound Muttley errr Simba does...

The graphics are fine. The hacked in graphics on the other hand are a little messed up. I mean look at Simba on the main pic of this post. He looks messed up! He looks high! He looks like he is ready to be put out of his misery! They definitely could've done a better job! What's up with the two Simbas on the title screen?? Even the title is messed up. Messed up graphics ftw!

The gameplay is fun. You won't even realize it's a bad hack! You can just go for it and play through the entire game while being confused with the story of Wacky Racers....heh you'll manage.

The game itself is a fun platformer but not one I would keep coming back. This is not Super Mario Bros 3 and like many other copy cats it's definitely worth a single run. It's your average fun platformer and that's that.

The game is good mostly for the platforming action but I guess you can make fun of good old drugaddict Simba for laughs. I wouldn't recommend a purchase of this but be sure to check out Youtube for videos of this "masterpiece"!

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