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Posted by : Luis Zena Nov 17, 2012

Here is a pirate for all Lion King fans. Actually, only for all Lion king fans that have a lot of time in their hands. This game is painful and I will go through all the pain of it with you! Lets check it out! 

There is no justice to the music. Your ears will bleed at times but it's not as bad as other games. The sound effects are OK, there aren't that many to begin with. The music as in many pirates feels out of place at times and horribly made. Sad to say, you are better off playing this game on mute with some heavy metal to ease your pain through this horrendous adventure.

The graphics are actually quite good. They are detailed and everything looks well made. Your characters are definitely well made by pirate standards. You feel like you're in the jungle but don't go too low because you might feel you're in hell. Overall, the graphics are something more decent than the usual game.

The gameplay is what makes the game suffers. It may have mediocre sound and decent graphics but the gameplay is just painful. You can't jump or move correspondingly and find yourself falling through gaps that weren't supposed to be there. It's sad to say, this is the reason why the game doesn't make it to the decent pirate games list. It's such a shame. You better have a lot of patience if you decide to play this one. 

I definitely don't see why come back to this once you've played or whether you beat it or not. You are just going to waste your time and your hair. Stay away from it! ^_^'
The game itself was a very good attempt at yet another side scroller but the game play and mediocre music destroyed any of those chances from becoming true. I wouldn't play this even if I were drunk, hope that helps your decision on trying it out! 

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