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Posted by : Luis Zena Nov 4, 2012

This game might seem new to many but it's definitely a pirate of a pirate. As you can see, pirates can sometimes be innovative but can also be quite repetitive and lack in inspiration. This game in particular is just a hacked version of Donkey Kong Country pirate for the Famicom. Care to see any differences? There aren't many but we can go through the different categories.

The music is the same as Donkey Kong Country pirate. There is really not much to say about it except that it's repetitive and quite annoying at times. Definitely pirate made.
What to say about the graphics? They are the same as the pirate of Donkey Kong except for the title screen hack and the Jungle Boy itself. He was definitely done with some care but that doesn't make up the fact that this is a game made for monkeys not jungle people.

Your experience will not differ from the original. You can jump and tackle the bad guys as if you were Donkey Kong himself. The levels are rough to play through though. It's mainly because of the gravitational pull your character receives. It's quite shocking to say the least.
The game itself is not worth a replay. Unless you like Jungle Boy then I wouldn't recommend coming back to it. It just feels out of place. In fact, you are better off playing the SNES release of the game. It's that simple.
This is one game you might not be excited about. It's definitely a lazy work of a pirate. Just edit the title and change the main character won't do much especially with the wrong game. I do have to admit they could've pulled it off if they did some level editing but there is just too much Donkey Kong in it to feel like a different game even if you are still in the jungle. 

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