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Posted by : Luis Zena Nov 12, 2012

Here are some neat games! What are these? They are Chinese pirate originals. Some of you may have never heard of them but they are quite real. These games do hold up some interesting and odd values. If you are wondering where Zelda 3 is just look at the center bottom case, yup that's Zelda 3 for you! Apparently the creators of this game didn't think much of Link to show him on the cover. The game is a little buggy but quite fun over all. The others are interesting as well. Phantasy Star 4 actually plays like the real deal, it's enjoyable. The other two are Dragon Quest games which are very self explanatory. Finally, the yellow cart contains a bunch of Mario games and even Riki Kunio! So much fun in one! 

29 in 1 (FC)
Dragon Quest IV (FC)
Dragon Quest V (FC)
Phantasy Star IV (FC)
Zelda 3 a Link to the Past (FC)

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