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Posted by : Luis Zena Oct 11, 2012

You would think if you were at least to copy a card you would get the name right but nooooo! These guys got it all wrong. At least we can get a good laugh at it. Ok, they did got the Cyber part right but come on! The effect as usual blew my mind:

 "Reverse: Destroy all fiends in battle zone, show the front 5 cards among both sides standby cards, then summon the demon cards below four-grade at obverse attacking status or reverse defending status, the others are put in the pack."

There is not much to say except demon cards? WTF!! So apparently this is a satanic game now? As much as I would love to go and inspect the rest, I won't even waste my time but will let you check it out for yourself. Decipher the effect now! ^_^

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