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Posted by : Luis Zena Oct 25, 2012

Banana Prince is one of those missed gems that very few people know about. The game is genius! It's such an enjoyable game! Why? Because it's pure simple side scrolling action. The music is also gorgeous and the animation of the game is excellent. This is a must have for any collector! 

The music is incredibly enjoyable. You will definitely not forget the wonderful tunes you'll hear from this game. They are quite memorable and catchy. The sound effects are also excellent. There is very little to hate about the sound score from this gem.

The game has amazing animation and excellent detail. The developers made sure the game was animated enough for an awesome experience. I can't say I've played a more animated and detailed game as this one for the Famicom. Then again, there are 1050 titles for the console so there might be others. Nevertheless, this game looks stunning!

The game is a simple platformer that is just too fun to put down. The game has a lot of different features from such games as Super Mario and even Zelda 2. Combine those two schemes and you have an awesome title if done right that is. Be sure to check it out! FUN FUN FUN!

The game itself is great. You'll definitely have to come back for another run. The game is a great experience from beginning to end. Any platformer fan has to try this one out. The animation and beauty of this game makes you want to come back for more!
So to conclude, the game itself is a must have for any retro collector. If you want to go for the Famicom title, might as well get it complete with box and all as it's very gorgeous to look at. If you want a US release, there isn't one! You'll have to get a reproduction of it though which is the next best thing! 

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