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Posted by : Luis Zena Oct 6, 2012

So we are back with another retro game of the week. Before Square was a big RPG giant, they struggled quite a bit with their early releases. It wasn't until Final Fantasy saved their butts that they were out of the struggling ways. 3D World Runner was one of their early releases, and even though it's not amazing it's still something fun to pick up and play from time to time. Lets take a look!

The music is quite enchanting. I can play the game knowing that their soundtrack is nothing mediocre! It really fits the game since you are in a very wonderful world filled with monsters and what not. Your goal is to run forever so I'm guessing listening to happy music while doing so will ease the idea. 

The graphics are quite good. They aren't perfect or anything but with 8-bit processing, nothing was perfect! The beauty of the game is that it made the game look in 3D with a set of 3D glasses that came with the game. Of course, the 80s 3D is so different from the 3D technology offers nowadays so you might dismiss it as silly and outdated but back then is all we had. 

The gameplay starts from easy to quite challenging. The game itself won't get too tough that it will make you throw the controller across the room but it'll give you a challenge or two. Be prepared!

 The game can be seen as an arcade-style game since you can just pick up and play so you'll definitely come back to it over and over especially if you enjoy all the factors it brings to you. It's not for everyone but it's a damn good enjoyable game!

There is nothing much to say except that it's a very decent game with a bit of a kick. The historical value it holds also makes it a very odd game to own being from Square and all. The legendary company's beginnings are sure interesting and noble. I just wish they hadn't merged with Enix...bleh enough of that, enjoy the game!

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