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Posted by : Luis Zena Oct 6, 2012

The Angry Birds are here in 8-bit form! Yes, you though they would get away from going retro but no! They can also be played on the Famicom thanks to the Chinese! Anyways, this game is not similar to the original but still a pretty interesting one to play through. It's more of a puzzler so be ready to solve some wicked puzzles! ^_^ Lets take a look at this game!

The game offers a decent soundtrack although the tunes sound familiar from other games. I'm not sure where I've heard them but they could be from another game. After all, it's a Chinese pirate. The other sounds are the usual ones so there are no surprises there.

The graphics are quite good. The Angry birds look like the Angry birds so there are no surprises there. The game itself is quite simple looking. It's a puzzler so everything takes place in once screen. It's simple but fun.

The gameplay is quite simple. You have to save your bird friends from the pigs but you can't get caught yourself. The puzzles start out very simple but get quite difficult as you go along. You can even get bombs to blow your way through places. The game makes you use your brain to get out of different situations. It's actually quite good!

The game can be played at any time. The game itself is great for a night of retro gaming. You can't go wrong with Angry birds, even in 8-bit form!

This is not the greatness 8-bit title you'll see around but it's definitely a tough one to find since it's a pirate. I suggest you try out the rom at least, you'll be surprised how fun it actually is. This is one of the more interesting puzzlers out there so be sure to check it out especially if you are an Angry bird fan. Till next week!

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