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Posted by : Luis Zena Oct 25, 2012

Recently I checked out the Nintendo e-shop and found these games up for sale for 39.99 each. I don't want to sound like if I'm bitching about it but shouldn't these games be a lot less than full price? You can get these games for a lot less than 39.99 and have the actual physical copy. Does anybody else out there sees what I'm seeing? It's such a waste!! I do admit they are great games but come on! What amazes me the most is that they have sold real well... These games should be in different price ranges. Lets see, give Mario Kart 7 a 29.99 tag price, Super Mario 3D Land 29.99, Zelda and Star Fox for 19.99 each. Zelda and Star Fox are re-releases! Why charge full price for a game you can get on eBay for 10-15 bucks each to play on your N64? This really makes grinds my gears!! :p Oh well, enough ranting...

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