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Posted by : Luis Zena Oct 14, 2012

So I got some more new stuff coming in. These finds are actually from a week ago. I'm sorry for the late updates but things have been a little shaky lately. I picked some of these up for various reasons which will be explain below.

All of these handhelds were ten bucks each and dead. When I mean dead, I mean that they didn't turned off. Now, the Nintendo DS handhelds had the usual hinge broken problem. I was finally able to pick up a charger from eBay and was able to charge them all.The Gray one works flawlessly. Same goes for the gray DS although again, the hinge is loose. I decided to buy a replacement case and make the case replacement project! It shall look beautiful once I'm done with it. The pink silverish SP is actually the one with the brighter screen but the sound doesn't boot up. There is a little trick to try to fix the speaker but I'll leave it at that for now and report with updates. The blue DS is the one that's damaged the most. Not only is the hinge broken, but the top screen is just a wreck and the DS card slot doesn't read the games. It's the one that will need the most work done so I figure I'll leave it for the end. So far, keeps your eyes out for updates on the pink SP and the silver DS. I shall post photos of the results positive or negative for sure! ^_^

Finally, I picked these games up for some nice prices. The Xbox games were seven bucks each and the Sonic 3 games was three bucks, same for the Kingdom Hearts games. I actually traded in the Left 4 Dead 2 and got 27 dollars for it at Gamestop. I was quite happy for that because that's how I got Code of Princess. Good times...

Left 4 Dead 2 (Xbox 360)
Castlevania (Xbox 360)
Sonic 3 (Genesis)
Kingdom Hearts (GBA)
Nintendo DS Blue
Nintendo DS Gray

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