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Posted by : Luis Zena Oct 6, 2012

It was about to return to this wonderful place. Due to events in my life I wasn't able or capable of doing what I love but I'm glad that I'm finally back to my old self. I'm ready to explore the history of video gaming even further and have some awesome fun along the way! Enjoy these findings!

This is the pic of everything I found minus the Blue Game Gear as I was currently testing it out and forgot to throw it in there.

I picked up these games for really good prices. Each one was three dollars. I mainly got MC Kids so that I can make my first repro from it. Will I succeed?  Guess you'll find out eventually.

I also picked up these two PS1 games for five bucks together and the PSP RPG for three dollars. I can never say no to RPGs, especially with cute anime characters on the cover :p

The blue game gear I picked up for five bucks. I believe it doesn't work but I haven't tested it completely. I will probably sell it on eBay "sold as is" so that some savvy nerd can go at it and play with it.

I also picked up some TMNT action figures! I found Splinter with his clothes on! I also found a talking Leonardo, and a wacky Raph. The other dude I don't know anything about. A dollar each!

This was probably the find of the trip. A sealed Tomagotchi from back in 1996! It's totally a trip to the past! I may be focused on video games but classic gadgets like these really takes me back. Remember Tomagotchi?? I sure do! This was before Pokemon too!! You can refer to it as the pre-pokemon gadgets we carried around.

So that's about it, this trip brought a lot of good memories back but it's time to start some new ones. I'll probably go again in the next two weeks but not sure exactly when so we'll see. Until next time, something great is coming!

Tomagotchi Handheld 
x5 TMNT Action Figures
Crystalis (NES)
MC Kids (NES)
Mario Tennis (N64)
Extreme Go-Kart (PS1)
Crash Bandicoot (PS1)
Tales of the World Radiant Mythology (PSP)
Blue Game Gear

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