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Posted by : Luis Zena Oct 26, 2012

Many people over the years have criticized video gaming as a negative influence in our lives. During the 90s, video games were attacked by different representatives from religion, violence, and so on. It was real easy to blame it all on something that wasn't known much about by adults but for us it was the escape and relaxation we always craved. Lets face it, our lives were quite stressful with school and other activities. Video gaming was our down time! A very savvy writer published this wonderful article stating the positive effects of video gaming. I was familiar with some of them but I was definitely caught off guard by the rest of them. With advances in technology, we have been able to interact with video games even further and even been able to work out with them. The big craze of DDR (Dance Dancer Revolution) might have been the turning point into combining video games with exercise but we definitely have to look at the Wii as the turning point in the subject. Overall, I'm glad people are coming out and defending video games and their positive traits, it's about damn time! Be sure to read the article and find out more information! Credits for the article goes to Kwik Med ^_^

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