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Posted by : Luis Zena Aug 27, 2012

There are lots of NES games we missed from Japan because they didn't think we were ready for them. This is one of the few gems that made it even though the NES was well past its prime as the SNES was already taking over the world. Little Samson is not only a hard to find game, but it's a good one. In most cases, when the game is really hard to find it, it's mainly because of low production numbers while other reasons would be popularity. This one is a case of low production numbers due to the fact that the NES was long gone. Many people missed this gem but thanks to wonderful tools like eBay and emulators we can enjoy what we missed. I do remember playing this game back when the NES was still around and it was quite amazing. I had no idea it would be worth so much all these years later. Enough of this history lesson, lets check out the game in the different basis of review.

The music is marvelous. Each character has their own musical number that defines their character. It's quite enjoyable for your ears. The game is also packed with great sound effects as well as music other then the character's music. You'll definitely enjoy this one if you are an 8-bit sound fanatic.

The NES was already past its prime but developers knew every trick there had to be for the console. Programming a beautiful game was no problem due to the experience developers had. In other words, since this game came out in 1992 and was developed by a brilliant team, it means the graphics are awesome! Each character looks as exquisite as the other. The backgrounds are live and vivid and the enemies are just as lively as everything else on the game! Well done!

The gameplay is probably the best part of this game. This game is just amazing to play with. Each character has their own abilities which will help you through the game. You have the mouse that can climb all over and drop bombs Metroid style, then you have the powerful stone warrior with enough strength to destroy anything. The dragon comes in handy as it can fly for a short period of time and then of course the main hero which has a little bit of everything. A great balance of characters makes the game ever so enjoyable.

This game is so enjoyable that it's great to come back to. You can't say no to another round especially when you get to use the cute little mouse!! The dragon is also awesome, well all of them are!! You'll definitely come back to this game for another round because this platformer is just amazing!

The game itself is a gem but it won't come cheap. I highly suggest you try it on an emulator and then decide if you want to buy it or not. It goes for around 100 dollars cart only. In the end, it's just an amazing game that having a physical copy of it will look amazing in your collection. There is nothing more to say except that this game is amazing!! I think I've said that before but it's just that enjoyable. Everything in it will give you hours of joy whether it's the music, characters, and most of all the gameplay.

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