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Posted by : Luis Zena Aug 2, 2012

So this week we have another gem by Capcom for the NES. Can you believe if Capcom were still making Disney games? Well, I'm sure the trend wouldn't be the same but still what if? It's ok though, Square teamed up with Disney to create the endless Kingdom Hearts games which are now sucking the money out of the fans with so many spinoffs it's ridiculous. Going back to the game though, this one is a lot tougher than some of you may think. But so freaking awesome, lets check it out!

The music of the games by Capcom from Disney for the NES were nothing but spectacular. You can always feel a Disney taste on the game and have a tune you can relate to the series on TV. The sound effects are also decent and fun overall. Well done, as usual.

The graphics are quite good. The scenery does justice to the game meaning it does a great job at making the stages look like the stage you are actually going to in the map. I know it may not sound like much but many games did mistakes like that. This one on the other hand, didn't. Darkwing Duck looks wicked kewl and carries a gun to dispose of evildoers.

The game plays great but comes with difficulty. This is one of the harder games from the lineup but fun over all. I don't think you can get mad enough to throw the controller around the room but you can at least give one or two curses out loud. Furthermore, the controls are simple. You jump with A and shoot with B and of course you move around with the D-pad. Sometimes simplicity is where the best experiences are at.

The game is so much fun and challenging that it does deserve a second run. You can't just say no to such wonders especially with all the animated levels and Disney characters all over the place. There is nothing like watching an episode or two of Darkwing Duck and then going off to play the game for a bit. Now that's replay value!

So in the end the dark knight of the Disney world does justice with an outstanding title that's worthy of a gameplay or two. The game itself is hard to come by so be sure to have your wallets opened if you want a physical copy of it. If not, the usual alternative of emulation which is free is always ready for you. Until next week!

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