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Posted by : Luis Zena Aug 26, 2012

Pirates are just amazing at times and misleading at other times but this one really makes you wonder a lot. It's not only a side scroller with Street Fighter characters but it's a Gijoe hack of Street Fighter characters. They worked on it real well except for the fact that M. Bison is one of your allies. That really made no sense but we'll take it! Check it out!

The music is quite good in this hack although it's based on the Gijoe game for the same console. You definitely won't feel any Street Fighter feel other than the fact that they are Street Fighter characters added to the mix. The sounds are all there so it was nice they didn't chopped up the game at all in that department.

The graphics are quite good and I say that because of the fact that the pirates took the time to edit the character screen section to add Street Fighter characters to it. Now that takes a lot of effort. It's good for a laugh or two that's for sure.

The gameplay is quite fun as with the original. It's great how they make the characters use their powers instead of guns although the bullets do look like bullets. It's a good attempt nonetheless. I loved it to a point. Again, you'll feel the Gijoe factor not too long after you have started playing the game.

There is not much replay value but it does more of a gimmick factor. It's a great game to pop in to make a conversation of something silly from the past. I'm sure it'll turn heads in a video game party. There is a lot of fun to come from here especially when drunk!

Other than a graphics hack, this game is exactly the same as its original. If you aren't a Street Fighter fan then I suggest you skip on this one. The game is quite hard to come by so be patient if you don't find it in a single search on eBay. Furthermore, if you aren't happy with it, just go play a round of Street Fighter 2 and you'll be alright.

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