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Posted by : Luis Zena Aug 2, 2012

So why pick this pirate multicart? It's probably one of the most common and well known worldwide or at least in Latin America. This cart came with 52 unique games and packed with hours of fun. Of course, there are no RPGs here but great classics we played in the arcades as well as in the 8-bit console itself. It's amazing how they were able to fit all of these games in one cart back then. Nowadays, it barely means anything but it's always great to think back. Anyways, lets look at this cart as a whole OK?

So as a whole this game comes with Super Mario tunes, The Goonies, Adventure Island, and many more ! Can you say 8-bit audible orgasm? Yes, you will definitely find something of your liking in here and definitely love it to the end!

The graphics of the games are generic and from early releases but totally awesome! They are just the classics all in one cart.

There might be some titles in the 52 games you won't want to even touch but the rest of them that are very playable make up for it. I sure hope everything you are looking for is here. Hmm...I wonder if there isn't..

So the game comes with lots of classics with great replay value. Does that say anything? Just think of Pacman, Gradius, Super Mario Bros, Goonies, Galaxian, Adventure Island, Spartan X, and even Flappy. So many titles and that's just the beginning!

So there is nothing more that can be said about this multicart. It has a little bit of everything and it's quite common. The cart compilation should be in your collection just for kicks. It's definitely worth having around and best of all it's not that expensive! I'm sure you'll agree with me on this one. Till next week!

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