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Posted by : Luis Zena Jul 17, 2012

So Master Fighter was the name of the game that brought everything into a bliss. There were so many clones of Street Fighter that some of them even made it to the NES/Famicom. They were quite unique and are quite popular by the obscure retro gaming community nowadays. But back then, they were quite a commotion at least in Latin America. The game itself has horrid gameplay but the idea of what could've been really makes you think. Lets check it out, hadoken!!

The music itself mimics the arcade port in a crappy 8-bit mode that is. They do tend to attempt to make the music somehow similar but failed miserably. You gotta go back and think, these were the early 90s and creating a game took so much more than just a computer. Give them credit for the attempt!

Graphics wise are plain and simple. The stages look like the ones in the original. There is a lack of background movement but that's understandable when you think about the limitations of the console. Other than that, they did a decent job at making the Street Fighter characters look like their counterparts. They just look a bit chopped down and you probably know why by now!

The gameplay is where the entire game suffers. It's horrid and will take some used to. You might even have to get lucky and land the right punch. The majority of these fighting games made by the good old pirates have the same problem. It's like your enemy has a negative side of a magnet which is pushing your negative side away! You just can't seem to stay next to your enemy for long. Maybe they did it on purpose? With the lack of other buttons, your fighting strategy fails completely. The controllers overall are non responsive.

The game is quite fun if you are drunk and with a buddy. There is just no reason to keep coming back to this game other than the interest factor. Yeah, the game is quite interesting because it resembles a popular game from that era. Of course, in a crappy mode! Furthermore, the game will make a good conversation piece so make sure you keep it on your shelf!

To conclude, this game kicks ass for the five minutes its worth. You should keep it in your collection for the gimmick factor. It's worth a little bit over 10 bucks on the bay but you might find it all over in Latin America! You really want to challenge yourself with a tough Street Fighter game? Go ahead and take this one on! Till next week!!

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