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Posted by : Luis Zena Jul 9, 2012

With all the weird pirates out there, this one is actually very simple and fun. Care to take the challenge of pirate madness Aladdin 3? I always wondered what happened with part 2 as part 1 is actually the Disney game that was only released in Europe for the NES but later released by the savvy pirates in Famicom form. Yes, my friends the world of pirates is very interesting indeed. Lets check this one out.

The music of this game is the same and might make your ears bleed because of the continuity of it. I sincerely mute the game or play some Jrock instead of listening to the one tune this game has to offer. Now, there might be others but I haven't even gotten that far as the game gets quite challenging.

The graphics of this game are simple. You are this Arabian dude or so it seems flying in a magic carpet shooting at insects and what not. Something that would've given this game a nice kick would've been more expressions by the bad guys or the main Arabian dude. Overall though, it's plain and simple. You fly around the desert and shoot at bad guys.

The gameplay is of a shoot em up. You fly through evading your enemies attacks and counter attack with your own. If you do get hit once, you are dead but luckily the pirates gave you six lives? Weird number to pick, then again we are used to the three since the beginning of gaming time. The game is quite challenging as I mentioned before but hey it's OK to help you kill some time.

The game is a shoot em up that can be fun to come back to once in a while if you disregard the added difficulty. Nevertheless, if you are an avid fan of shooting at stuff, you are more than welcomed to enjoy this one again and again.

There is not much to say about such a simple game except that it's just simple and fun to play. You can probably get this game with a multicart as I've never seen a single cart form although I know they are out there. Oh well...

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