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Posted by : Luis Zena Jul 2, 2012

One of the very odd pirates out there that actually made things bearable is this one. Spiderman 2 might look like a completely odd game at first but these pirate dudes made things right! The game itself is a hack of Ninja Gaiden but with enhanced levels and as difficult as the originals. This is a way a hack is done right, well almost...

The music of the game is quite odd and familiar. You won't hear any Spiderman theme song that's for sure but you'll get upbeat Ninja Gaiden tunes!! This is just one of the more interesting combinations around. In a way, you can actually relate Spiderman to a Ninja.

The graphics are done well. Of course, they are used from the Ninja Gaiden games so it's alright. The one sprite you should look at is the Spiderman sprite. It's done as well as one can imagine. And of course, the title screen says it all! Very well done!

The difficulty will get you familiarized to the Ninja Gaiden games right away. The game starts off simple but tends to get real difficult as you move along. You have to have patience, now if there were some game genie codes to help. Anyways, everything about the game is there such as the attack and jumping techniques which works great for Spiderman as he does climb walls and what not. Gotta love spidey!

Just like the original game, this one is one you might want to come back to for another session in between weeks. It's a game you can come back and play over and over again. It's fun to know what could've been to have an actually decent Spiderman game for the NES. Surprise your friends with such a title ^_^

There is no doubt that this is one of the better pirates out there. They hackers actually took the time to correctly change the sprite to Spiderman and the title screen makes the game look even more legit! You will be able to find this game quite easily at times and nowhere to be found at others. It's a matter of time, just be sure to pick it up when you do catch the spider. Until next week!

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