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Posted by : Luis Zena Jun 21, 2012

So with my latest acquisition the Ipad I decided to go hunt for some retro related software for the nifty device. After looking and looking I came up with one that really caught my attention. The main reason why this game caught my attention is the name. The name of the game is none other than Tank 90.... if you have had your share of playing Famicom pirates then you should be very familiar with this one. Tank 90 is actually included in many multicarts. The real name of the game is Battle City. Why the name chance? Maybe because of copyrights but either way it's a hit and a really good one.

The game play a lot like the Famicom/NES original. Of course, you have to use the touch screen to move your tank all four ways and shoot with the other one. Simple enough huh? Only if you are used to touch screen games! Anyways, the enemies are a little slow which makes the game a little odd at times. There is not mega fast tank and when you do see it, then it's quite slow! You can also get the power ups from the original but they tend to give you extra lives more than anything at least from my experience. Be sure to pick up that "Star" power up that makes your tank ever more stronger.

Finally, the game over all is quite fun. It has an added music, I guess the tank sounds weren't enough to the ears of new gamers. The game must have been made by a person familiar with pirates that's for sure! Whoever you are, we must talk pirates! Anyways, if you have an Ipad be sure to pick this one up especially because it's free! Say what? Yes, it's completely free! There is nothing better than a free remade retro game in a kewl gadget.

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