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Posted by : Luis Zena Jun 15, 2012

"Use FCE Ultra 2.1.5 Emulator for BEST compatibility.

*****************Player Reviews!*****************

this mod really raises the bar and sets a new standard for mods.

The work you put into this is just mind boggling as I play it. I was apprehensive about playing this at first due to not knowing the characters and the earlier history of one hit kills :) But I was truly blown away. It seems like you used everything the ROM hacking guide had to offer to the fullest which is what the guide is for :)

But overall I want to say…

CONGRATULATIONS ON THIS FANTASTIC MOD! MiDKnighT @ lordyuanshu.com Author of Yuan Shao Mod & DOAE Romhacking Guide

You really have put together a quality mod…. I’m very glad that I’m sticking with the mod, and am enjoying it a lot (I love the portraits! That in itself represents tons of work!)

Ludmeister @ lordyuanshu.com Author of Ludmeisters Remix

wow this game never stops amazing me, i can’t believe that this forum has manipulated the rom to THIS point, i really hope u make another one soon you’re work is A+

i just wanted to say that this and the lu bu mod are the most innovative and ground breaking mods to date, keep up the great work man

it is by far the best mod to date. your passion for the game shines when u really look at all the work u put into it :)

shifter420 @ the-scholars.com"

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