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Posted by : Luis Zena Jun 15, 2012

So it's official! Mocha Kat is the mascot of Retro Gaming Life. A little bit is known of this creature! She is five years old (35 in human years), she mostly plays handhelds but will usually play Famicom once in a while and that's only because she loves pirates. As you can see, she is beat from a session of Pokemon Yellow (FC), and Rockman X3 (GB). She usually likes sleeping near the games so that she can connect with them in her dreams. She never said that has worked or not but every gamer has their own beliefs. One genre of games she can't play through is horror-style games. She gets jumpy and runs away from the room when trying to play games like Resident Evil or Silent Hill. Welcome to the team Mocha Kat! Also, send her tuna because she wuvs it! ^_^

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