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Posted by : Luis Zena Jun 25, 2012

A little late with the entry but due to work I wasn't able to post it at the time I wanted. Nevertheless, we have a new entry! This week we take a look at a very fun title called The Jetsons Cogswell's Caper! for the NES. Other than cartoon related games by Capcom, there were other cartoon style games that were actually good from other publishers. You have the Flinstones and Jetsons series for example. This game in particular is quite fun and hilarious at times. George's way to take a hit says it all just experience it for yourself. Anyways, the game has a lot to offer and it's a title you shouldn't ignore! Check it out!

The music is decent for this game. It definitely doesn't make you feel like you are in the future but there is nothing more amazing like an 8-bit soundtrack especially if it's upbeat and fun. The sound effects are also pretty decent as well. There is no voice acting although it's possible in the NES but you do have some classic sounds. The music would be above average and some of the tunes actually mimic the cartoon's music.

the graphics are pretty kewl. This game definitely doesn't look like it has recycle graphics from other games. The levels are very large and interesting. They definitely look what they are supposed to look like. The robots, bosses, and even items are quite delicious looking! Putting that aside, it's a well polished looking game.

Just like over 80 percent of the NES games from that era this was a platformer. The game is the usual going left to right or right to left. There is a lot of jumping, throwing, and more jumping in it. But it's quite fun! I only wish George had a gun or something!

The game is your average platformer with a futuristic spin and it's definitely a game to come back to. It's one of those games you can beat under an hour and have lots of fun with it. NES was and still is the master of such replay value. Play it till your satisfaction is achieved!

In the end, the game is quite fun and one that should be in your collection. It is quite pricey but I'll be sure to pick it up if I ever see it. Other than that, it should be a great hour or so of fun and one you can come back to whenever you have a Jetson urge. There is not much to say except that there is no wrong way to see this game. It's not the greatest but it goes beyond average on every category.

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