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Posted by : Luis Zena Jun 17, 2012

So another week and another title. This week, we have a classic that was a long time coming! Balloon Fight is just another classic that you can get back to over and over. It's another title from the first line up of NES titles and quite fun. Care to take a look at a classic that should be in every collection? It's simple, fun, and most of all the replay value is excellent. Get ready for a balloon challenge!

The game has no music unless you are taking a infinite balloon trip but the sound effects are as fun as any sound track everywhere. Even I had the revive sound of the game as my text tone for months! Get ready to listen to a whole array of sounds in true 8-bit beauty! The lack of music hurts it but the sound effects does give it some justice.

The graphics are what you would expect from an 8-bit title. They aren't fantastic but it gave us a taste of the the NES was capable of. In such a simple games, they sure did well on the stage and graphics. Even that fat fish has great detail. I mean, you have to think about it for a second, the games we previously played were Atari titles and they sucked bad and looked bad.

The gameplay of this title is quite fun. The best mode you can probably choose is the 2-player mode. It's always more fun to play with someone friend or foe. Speaking of foe, you know you can actually pop your ally's balloon? So you have to be very careful not to pop them! Furthermore, this can lead to very good teamwork. Just do me one favor and don't get mad at your friend for taking your last life, it's not Contra after all ^_^

As mentioned above, the game is packed with lots of fun factor for hours and hours till the end...but wait there is no end unless you reach the maximum score. It'll be a long while before you do that especially with the game getting more difficult after each stage. You'll end up enjoying it nonetheless. The Balloon Trip also makes it even more interesting as you can compete in ranks and see who is the ultimate Balloon Fight master!

In the end, this game showcases a great deal of fun and awesome replay value. There is no doubt that I totally recommend it. There is so much to love about this game. You can play with friends, or by yourself and you'll have a great time. It's amazing how something so simplistic can be so much fun. I'll take this game over and next gen game in a long gaming session. Until next week!

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