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Posted by : Luis Zena Jun 17, 2012

So we have a very interesting pirate game to look at. As many of you may already know, multicarts are mostly exaggerated by the amount of games they carry. This one is no different! But what makes this game different from others? Mainly a very balanced amount of games which keeps you coming back for more. A pirate like this may be quite common but it's always fun for a good laugh and a night of fun. With games such as Rockman, Sasa, and even Devil World the multi has a lot of obscurity to offer. Lets take a quick look at it in the different categories.

So speaking of music, how can you go wrong? This multicart offers many games including awesome soundtracks from Contra and Rockman (Megaman in the USA) So it's definitely great! Also, the classic Super Mario is included and the obscure Devil World. A lot of early NES titles put together quite conveys and orchestrates wonders to your ears.

With 8-bit graphics you know what you are expecting. The first run of NES titles does demonstrates what the 8-bit console was capable of. You won't get your mind blown out of proportions but you'll get some sexy 8-bit art!

The gameplay? There is not much to say as there are so many games to choose from. With so many hits though, you'll find everything from easy gameplay to tough gameplay. You'll definitely find a balance in the games' difficulty.

Usually pirates have a good deal of replay value when they are packed with awesome titles. This one is no different. With a big line up of arcade classics and classics overall, you'll have a great time especially with friends! Thumbs up!

So to sum things up, the pirate is just another one of the thousands out there. It's a good one though! The title may be misleading because I'm sure you can't fit 700 games in one cart but you'll find a lot of games that will help you have a good evening of gaming. Furthermore, you'll find a game like this for really cheap since they are so abundant. Be sure to keep your eyes opened on eBay! Until next week!

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