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Posted by : Luis Zena Jun 10, 2012

So the pirates are back! After a successful first run, we have the second running of Pirate Game of the Week. We have so many new titles to show this time around so you better get ready!! As you can see, these pirates are going to be based on the pirate games I have acquired! Be sure to check them out! One last thing, be sure to leave your feedback! So it begins with none other then the Find of the Month in May called Doki Doki Panic! This game was never ever released in cartridge form so running into it is quite a rare treat. We still don't know much about this lineup as there are rumors of different versions out there even one with a built in battery so save your progress! I'm going to take a quick look and explain why this is a must have! Doki Doki madness continues!

The music of this game is something you might have heard if you have played Super Mario Bros 2 for the 8-bit console. Everything is pretty much the same except the music when you go through the door to the "dark" world. One of the big misses in this title though, is the lack to have ported the sound effects to the cartridge form of this pirate. The music is there but there is no sound effects!! That's a big miss but one I can overlook because it's such an amazing rare port!

The graphics are what you would expect of a side scroller although there are some differences. There are animations that you just don't see in this game and are included in the revamped Super Mario Bros 2. I know making comparisons is quite absurd at this point and time but it's always nice to check out the differences. I'm not saying one is better than the other since both games are practically the same. Putting that aside, the game has some wonderful graphics period!

The gameplay is still as fun! Although you can't run! say what? Yes, you can't run in the Doki Doki Panic! game. It makes doing your jumps a lot more accurate. You can't also have easy access to certain areas. Overall, the gameplay just makes it a little more difficult to get through the game but keeps that same enchantment the game has always had. Be sure you have had some Mario experience before you tried this one out!

So like any other classic, this one deserves a thumbs up and the green flag on returning to the wonderful land of Doki Doki Panic! The game has never been so much fun especially when you think of what its origins were. At times, you'll feel like you are playing a Mario game only to find yourself looking at the Arabian looking fellows. This game is a challenge but if I can beat it through a single run then you can do it too!

To conclude, this game is totally worth every single penny. It's not only very south after and rare but it's a lot of fun to play. Besides, if you have this gem in your collection it'll give you a lot to talk about. It won't come cheap though. There have been copies being sold for 100+ so you better have deep pockets. Other than that, you can always use the usual alternative and play the emulated version but wait! This cart has never been dumped! The Famicom Disk System version will do ^_^ Till next week pirateers!

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