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Posted by : Luis Zena Jun 22, 2012

It has been a long while since the last post of this series so it's always nice to bring stuff back for a second running. Pirate Game of the Week being one of them. Anyways, this series was never dead I just totally forgot about it. I have a deep love for Pokemon. I have been playing the games ever since the first game was released and of course was hooked with the anime until the third season (Johto Journeys). Over the years though, I have disliked the anime series for obvious reasons (The same shit over and over) And also the games haven't offered enough for me to put the 100+ hours into it. Putting all of that side, lets get started! This time around we have the Pidgey evolution stages as well as Pidgey itself. The Pokemon is from the 1st generation and one of the few ones that actually has three evolutions. Pidgey is a great Pokemon for novice trainers and very easy to catch. Probably as common as Rattata from the same generation of Pokemon, It's actually worth while to raise it to its final evolution.

Once, Pidgey reaches level 18 it'll evolve but of course you can stop the evolution by equipping your Pidgey with the Everstone. Of course, I'm all for evolving your Pokemon but it'll be your decision to do what you want. Of course, once evolved Pidgeotto is even stronger than Pidgey. With such an increment in the stats department you'll definitely have a very good advantage. The main habitat of these Pokemon is the forest. If you ever want to catch one in any of the Pokemon games in which this Pokemon is included, I suggest you hit the forest but then again the Pokemon is so common that you'll find it in the oddest of places. The evolutionary stage doesn't end there though....

The final evolution is Pidgeot at level 36. There is nothing better when a Pokemon evolves twice because each evolution gives some added powers and abilities to it. As you can see, Pidgeot is fat! Yeah a fat bird! But he makes up with its speed. This is definitely one of the flying type Pokemon to have in your team. Although not the strongest, you'll definitely have a great ally in your battle to become a Pokemon master.

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