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Posted by : Luis Zena Jun 27, 2012

I got a very interesting package today. The most interesting part was that it was partially wrapped in toilet paper. I sure hope it was clean toilet paper...then again I didn't see any shit stains so we are good! Anyways, the lot of four games had some really interesting games. You can ignore the top two games on the photo and focus on the bottom ones. It's none other than Famicom Jump 1 and 2. These are really kewl games that were never released in the NES (Of course). They are RPGs with some awesome twists. I shall probably have them as a weekly pick in the future but for now enjoy the cart only pick and why not head to Youtube for some gameplay videos.

Famicom Jump (Famicom)
Famicom Jump 2 (Famicom)
Mahjong Game 1 (Famicom)
Mahjong Game 2 (Famicom)

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