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Posted by : Luis Zena Jun 6, 2012

Here is a set of classic DOS shareware games I definitely welcomed with open arms to my collection. They are some of the most awesome titles ever. You have Commander Keen, Duke Nukum, Secret Agent, among others! They are also in the rarer for of 5 1/4" disks! Can't ask for anything better, well except for a computer to be able to run these big disks. Retro DOS golden ages galore!!

Here are on display some of the games. There are some that look familiar to many of you. Clyde's Adventure is a pretty awesome adventure with a character that looks like Mario. Also, if you look closely they will advertise themselves as better than Nintendo! You also have Keen Dreams among other classics.

Here are some other classics. Duke Nukum is there as well as Crystal Caves and even Ultris! Such awesomeness can only be followed by the classic first episode of Commander Keen.

The last two on the lot are here. Hugo's Adventure is a very interesting text base adventure game. They were quite popular in the 80s especially for the PC. The other one seems to be a Jigsaw puzzle game. I never heard of it. So that's about it, enjoy all the vintage DOS artwork!

Duke Nukum (PC)
Crystal Caves (PC)
Super Pinball 2 (PC)
Clyde's Adventure (PC)
Hugo's Adventure (PC)
Ultris (PC)
Kiloblaster (PC)
Las Vegas Video Games 2 (PC)
Commander Keen (PC)
Crystal Caves (PC)
Secret Agent (PC)
Kung Fu Louie (PC)
Romancing the Rose (PC)
VGA Jigsaw and PC Jigsaw (PC)

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