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Posted by : Luis Zena May 26, 2012

A crazy mail day! I got a bunch of packages from stuff I've ordered in the past two weeks. As you can see, everything is from outside the USA! That's for sure ^_^ Lets take a look at the new gems for my collection! cough cough Pokemon Yellow cough cough

First up is this pirate original called Rockman X3. The game can be buggy at times but it's the most playable of any of the Rockman pirates out there. You also can't get any better with the box included with it! A totally awesome pirate!

Here is the ace of this finds threat. It's none other than Pokemon Yellow for the Famicom. This is actually totally different than other Pokemon hacks and actually the best one. The game saves, the game is practically the same as the Gameboy release. The creators of this game put everything to this game that you can imagine to make it as similar to the original. It's an amazing pick up for my collection. I hope I can keep more of these coming my way!

Here are some more Famicom purchases. These are well not even sure about the same for some of them lol I know there is a punch out and a pirate...but that's about it oh yeah and Operation Wolf...I really have to learn how to read Japanese!

Finally, some Super Famicom titles. The Dragon Ball Z games look interesting and most of you are familiar with Donkey Kong Country 2 although in Japan they refer it as Super Donkey Kong 2. That explains why the pirate original was named Super Donkey Kong 2 as well. Check it out! ^_^

That's all for today. I'll have some neat games to play come this memorial day as I have it off! I couldn't have asked for a much better day well I guess not working would've been better but we have to pay the bills don't we!! AWAAA! Until next time collectors!

Pokemon Yellow Version Pirate Original (Famicom)
Rockman X3 Pirate Original (Gameboy)
Punch Out (Famicom)
Sky Destroyer (Famicom)
Operation Wofl (Famicom)
Famicom Game ID HVC-FW (Famicom)
Saint Seya (Famicom)
700 in 1 Pirate (Famicom)
Dragon Ball Z (Super Famicom)
Dragon Ball Z 2 (Super Famicom)
Super Donkey Kong 2 (Super Famicom)

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