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Posted by : famicomfreak Feb 7, 2012

So what's been going on? I know the updates for the past month or so have been nothing spectacular but there have been a lot of things going on in my life to be able to care for this blog properly. We all go through these problems but I'm happy to announce that I'll be able to do the things I wanted like usual. Furthermore here are some questions I asked myself and answered as well lol!

What happened with Famicom Guide?

Nothing actually happened I just had a lot of things to keep me occupied like a promotion and the lack of a good internet connection to actually keep working on it. I'm finally going to be able to upload more videos and keep the guide growing. I do apologize for the lack of news but things will get better.

Any new series on the horizon?

Well, I'm still with the quest of acquiring my action figures in order to create that comic book I always wanted. The story is there and it only needs time to get everything together. I might also not be making a trip to Peru this year due to a lot of things such as school and moving to another state. I do promise to bring up a lot more interesting topics in the future.

Will this blog ever be shut down?

I highly doubt it because all of this is in my blood! This is my life's work and I'm willing to do the best of it to share it with everyone. To be honest, things have just begun! I can't wait for the future which is a bright and prosperous one.

Anything we should be looking out for?

Absolutely, in the next couple of months I'll start doing a monthly giveaway for a retro game or even game of my choice. To enter, it'll be as easy as to post a comment or share an article of mine on your own blog or even facebook. I want to share retro games and video games with all of you out there in the entire world!!

I think that should answer some stuff of what has been going on. There is a lot more to do and so little time. I really need a vacation from at least one of my jobs. Till then, cya later!!

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