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Posted by : famicomfreak Feb 12, 2012

Here are the news...now back to health and ready to continue my duty!

MESS SVN r14432

Another one for PPC OS X (nw)
Split pc mouse in two separate device by Carl (nw)"

GameEx v12.55

"Minor fixes based on received reports."

Wine v1.4 RC3

"- Bug fixes only, we are in code freeze."

Pasofami v1.6l

"● Level up of library management functions
To Pasofami but there was from the previous library management feature, which has been improved dramatically now.

-Function and library management
There can be various types of data in the computer (ROM files, video files, sound files, etc.) You can search the finds within it, to create a library of your own to run (function launcher).
Once you have registered with the "Favorites" There are many frequently used data, you can touch to launch your favorite number.

· For information on how to use
There is a description of how to use the manual library management.

● Adding a Database for the game ROM

In order to determine whether correct or incorrect content dumped at the time the draft was completed, (NES, SNES, Megadora, Game Boy) about, but had to display a message to that effect, for the game other than this did not display anything.

Therefore, for "Game Gear", "MSX", "PC Engine", "Nintendo 64", "Game Boy Advance", "master system", "Neo Geo Pocket", in turn, CRC will not match equipped with a database was to display a message lever, to that effect.
You may also display the title of the game at the same time.
However, it is not equipped for the title because the database is not equipped with only part of the title that is commercially available is sometimes the message does not appear even though the match CRC.

● Displays the confirmation message if the file is already of the same name when you save dumped.

If you want to save it sucked, even if there is already a file with the same name as the file name to be saved, but had been overwritten unconditionally,
Now, if you want to save, if in the same folder as the file of the same name already exists, file this with the contents of the file size of files that have been saved, the last already the size of the files and the date and time that you saved earlier, expected to save the time display to see if it matches the contents of, and waits for a response of whether you want to save.
If the response is a response to save if you want to save, cancel, save or cancel.

● bug fixes
Was corrected state because it was NES, SNES, Game Boy is not pressing both buttons for "battery backup feature" in the suction screen.
• Fixed point because there was nothing appears in the four dots at the bottom of the screen play."

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