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Posted by : famicomfreak Feb 5, 2012

Happy Super Bowl Weekend! Now for the news!

Dolphin Git 3.0-415

"* TextureCacheBase: Remove a superfluous TODO (texture hashing takes care of that stuff)
* Merge branch 'texcache-preload'
For further info, see revision 56ccfc5d9d4defb308e02a71d201aee9eef0a76e.
* Added an error check for invalid contents in ES_OPENCONTENT. Fixes Jungle Speed and Doc's Punch Out.
Fixes issue 3035.
* Removed the busy-wait from DSP LLE on thread. Reduces the CPU usage in this scenario by around a third."


WinUAE v2.4.0 Beta 15

"- Append 'i' to PC resolutions that are interlaced. (TV Out, VGA + 15KHz hacks etc..)
- Low latency Amiga interlace mode odd/even fields are now in sync with output's odd/even fields, if output resolution is also interlaced.
- Set cpu speed to "real" if it was fastest possible originally when switching cycle-exact on the fly using uae-configuration.
- MIDI device IDs are correct again (b1)
- Display panel displaydata PAL/NTSC/etc select box now mirrors currently active emulated setting.
- "Default refresh rate" skipped every other frame in DirectDraw mode (b14)
- gfx_autoresolution_min_vertical and gfx_autoresolution_min_horizontal support on the fly adjustment using uae-configuration.
- Write winuaebootlog.txt to Windows temp directory if original directory is read-only.
- Directory harddrives configured as unbootable are now really unbootable under KS 1.3.
- Mequa's optimized Akiko C2P added.
- HID raw input mask overflow when HID bitsize was 32. (PPJoy)"


MESS SVN r14348

Proper fix for issues with slots, removed old fix too (no whatsnew)
Sync with MAME r15303 (nw)"


QMC2 SVN r3516

imp: ROMAlyzer: checksum-wizard: when the user changes the checksum-type
and the current checksum is available in the 'other' type as well,
display it in the line-edit (not available when the checksum is edited
fix: embedder on X11: corrected initial input focus after launching a
new embedded emulator
imp: icon loader: ignore file extension completely when loaded from ZIP
imp: updated Polish translation
imp: added configurations for Fedoras 17 (soon to be branched) and 18 (what rawhide will become after that)
Updated the SVN exclude list"


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