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Posted by : famicomfreak Feb 4, 2012

Here are the news! Happy weekend!

Wine v1.4 RC2

"- Bug fixes only, we are in code freeze."


Project64k v0.35

"Final release for base 0.13 core 1.4. So until 1.6 or 1.7 source is public, no more updates.

Also, for future notice, this does not work with Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Donkey kong 64, Any mario party, mario golf, mario tennis. IF you want to play those games go get mupen.

For roms look down at the bottom for n64 rom searching.

Good bye~Smasherx74

*Yes I know the emulator name version says 0.32 thats because I wanted to rebuild off of the edits I did up to that version because one of recent ones messed a few things up. i'll change it later.*"


Dolphin Git 3.0-408

"* Update some license headers."


Jpcsp SVN r2452

More work on software rendering:
- implemented rendering of bezier and spline
- implemented stencil operations
- improved lighting (correct computation of normals in eye coordinates)
- implemented material colors
Statistics were enabled by mistake in r2445. They are only useful for development. Now disabled again."


FourDO SVN r229

So far so good. Checking in DirectSound audio that I suspect may be the winner!
Checking in a copy of the new JohnnyAudioPlugin, although I don't really trust it. Good for troubleshooting DirectSound if I have to at some point. This version of not suitable for release, though, since it relies on a callback whose timing is unreliable on some systems.
Now using DirectSound
Including SlimDX.dll in the released ZIP file"


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