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Posted by : Luis Zena Dec 6, 2011

"This hack alters events of the game such that Golbez joins the party after Cecil and friends destroy the Giant of Bab-il. The story has been tweaked in various ways so that this development makes sense in context. Edge is demoted to a non-playable character in order to make room for Golbez.

Other changes include: a modified party lineup at various points throughout the game, many new equipment and tool items, the restoration of dummied commands and spells, overall refinement of the script, and more.

Please note that the changes introduced by this hack are relatively minor up until Cecil and friends reach Toroia. The changes become more pronounced after Cid rescues the team from the Tower of Bab-il. With that said, I have sprinkled surprises along the way to hold the player’s interest.

Please visit my blog for more information on this and other projects.



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