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Posted by : Luis Zena Dec 29, 2011

So a very odd day with some odd ends but finds nonetheless. Lets check out what we got today!

This time we had a hockey table for the action figures to play on. As you can see, the action figures in this photo are the new additions to my collection. See any familiar faces? The table was two bucks.

I got these games for different prices. Sonic Generations was 22 dollars, Assassin's Creed was four bucks, Oblivion was six bucks, and Okami was five bucks.

Here is another shot of the hockey table ! Mini action ftw!

I found yet another Apple mouse and I'm sure many of you must know you can never have too many of these especially if they are Apple brand. This one cost me five bucks.
So here are the TMNT action figures. I got two of the mousers and April for 15 bucks via-online purchase. The other Mouser was a gift from my brother and the Rocksteady and Mike were a dollar each from the flea market!
I got this NES for 12 bucks! It also came with a game! I love it when they come with games inside!! Rawr!

Here is a close up of the mousers! Aren't they cute???

So that's about it! Not that much stuff but certainly a lot of quality items!

x3 Mousers (3/20 Set Complete)
x3 TMNT Action Figures
NES console with Super Mario Bros
Sonic Generations (PS3)
Assassin's Creed (PS3)
Oblivion (PS3)
Okami (PS2)
Apple Mouse
Mini Action Hockey Table

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