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Posted by : Luis Zena Dec 31, 2011

Only two days away from a new beginning! Lets keep it up!

Stella v3.5

"3.4.1 to 3.5: (December 29, 2011)

* Stella is now DonationWare! Please see the DonationWare link on the

main webpage for more information.

* Added several improvements to the joystick management code. Joystick

event mapping is now saved per device, meaning that if you map events

to a certain joystick device, remove the device and then later insert

it again, Stella will remember the original mapping.

* The total number of joysticks present and their associated properties

(number of axes, buttons and hats) is now dynamic. That is, there's

no longer a hard-coded limit on the number of joysticks that Stella

can use, or the number of buttons, etc that it contains. This fixes

a serious bug with PS3 controllers with 27 buttons, whereby adding a

mapping for joystick 0 would inadvertantly change settings for

joystick 1, and could potentially lead to a program crash.

* Added 'mcontrol' commandline argument, which can specify to use each

mouse axis as a separate paddle. The old (and default) behaviour can

be activated by setting this argument to 'auto'. Related to this,

removed redundant 'usemouse' argument.

* Huge restructuring of the OpenGL code, making it compatible with

OpenGL 2.x+ features (such as vertex buffer objects), while at the

same time keeping compatibility with OpenGL 1.5 / OpenGL ES.

Because of the required changes, TV effects were removed (they will

be added again for the next release).

* Improvements to audio handling, particularly for certain cases of

Windows, ATI video cards, and OpenGL mode. The sound device is now

opened only once when Stella starts, and is paused between loading

different ROMs. This fixes a problem whereby sound could possibly

not be functional after loading the first ROM. Related to this,

removed the 'audiofirst' commandline argument as it's now redundant.

* Fixed bug with displaying the ROM launcher in Windows XP; the initial

load was sometimes taking up to 30 seconds to complete.

* Added logging facility, whereby the output of the application is

available within Stella itself. This can still be printed to the

console, or also saved to a file. Add the 'loglevel' and

'logtoconsole' commandline arguments which control these settings,

and removed the 'showinfo' argument as it's now redundant.

* Updated DPC+ bankswitching scheme to latest code provided by


* Added MAMCR handling to the Thumb ARM emulation code. Note that

MAMCR isn't actually emulated, it is just ignored for now. This

fixes a bug whereby accessing MAMCR would crash the ARM emulation.

* Added 'thumb.trapfatal' commandline argument, which causes the

Thumb ARM emulation to either trap on a fatal error (throw an

exception to the debugger and exit emulation) or simply log the

error and continue. This should normally always be enabled, but

can be disabled by developers for testing reasons.

* Updated default snapshot directory to be much saner and easier to

find. For most systems, it now defaults to the users 'Desktop'.

Note that the commandline argument has changed to 'snapdir'.

* The debugger 'print' command now indicates "special" addresses if

they are read-only (R), write-only (W) or read-write (R/W).

* Fixed a bug where scrolling the mouse-wheel in certain debugger UI

items would cause the program to crash; scrolling now works as


* Fixed minor display issue in the debugger RAM area; some addresses

were being displayed as '...'.

* Fixed compile issues in the latest versions of Ubuntu and Debian, and

fixed UNIX desktop file so that Stella will launch with a ROM when

selected from its icon. Thanks go to Stephen Kitt for this code.

* Updated included PNG library to latest stable version.

* Updated the credits list in the documentation, listing people that

have donated hardware to the Stella team.

-Have fun!"


MESS SVN 13781

smsvdp.c: Made the register_read and vram_read methods debugger-safe. (nw0
Added skeletons :
- Mera 79152PC
- Mera Konin"


Dolphin GLSL-master Git 3.0-294

"* let us try normal c++ static init instead..."

PCSX2 SVN r5032

Added a workaround for the savestate freeze bug in Gust games when the MTVU speedhack is active.
Aligning GIF packets on state save actions seems to cause some issues with the hack.
Still hope to find a better solution."


Jpcsp SVN r2425

- More reflection stuff for sceMpeg + if simplification + placeholders for method documentation
- __sceSasInit returns PSP_SAS_ERROR_ADDRESS when the address is invalid or it is not aligned to 64. Checked on a real psp. (Not just __sceSasInit but all the functions I think)
- Removed old code on HLEModuleFunctionReflection.java
- Added ITPointerBase.isAlignedTo
- Small improvement on sceSasCore"


Altirra 2.1 Test 5

"bugs fixed
- Fixed startup crash on Sandy Bridge CPUs on Windows XP."


XM6i v0.33

"o Host scheduler renewed. Bugs and high speed operation of the VM in Windows
I think the frame rate is not up bug probably healed.
Review the scheduling of a host of rendering.
o A review of the host scheduler, "no-wait only works MPU" feature
Does not work, temporarily disable.
Fixed so the frame rate was incorrect o that appears in the status bar.
Values ​​such as 50fps so far has been displayed is incorrect, in ver 0.33
Not drop in frame rate.
o The status bar progress of virtual time, try to show the accumulation of delay minutes.
o "View> Virtual Hosts> Scheduler" to implement a window.
o "View> System> Scheduler" Frame Rate field of the window is removed.
Has been under review since the original gap.
Returning from a bus error o Improved the save process for re-execute the instruction register. This
MPU (with 68000/68030) average about 15% better performance.
The exception vector word indicates o (pre) and double the bus will fetch address error
So that the fault correction.
Improved screen redraw routine version o Windows.
Fixed garbage when you enter the zoomed o.
o Nereid-implementation of the DIP SW 5,6,8.
o "Nereid" by setting new page, move the relevant settings Nereid.
o RTL8019AS (NE2000) bytes of unimplemented registers, unimplemented bits to correctly implement.
o RTL8019AS (NE2000) of RCR register, DCR, IMR (page 2) implement.
o RTL8019AS (NE2000) implements memory access from the debugger.
o RTL8019AS (NE2000) Fixed it universally accessible and odd addresses.
o RTL8019AS (NE2000) a little closer to the actual contents of the EEPROM.
Network configuration changes to allow drivers on the host o VM.
o The extension .2 hc floppy image (lower case) out of the list that did
Fix the bug.
Fixed in o ver0.32-f option is ineffective. Work better."


ISO Tool v1.981

"[NEW] Add to extract PARAM.SFO"


SDL MAME v0.144u4 for Ubuntu

"Thursday, 29th December 2011
The next unstable release towards 0.145 is ready for download.

This is probably the last one in 2011, so it's time to wish an happy new year 2012 to everyone!"


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