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Posted by : Luis Zena Dec 27, 2011

Lots of new updates! Rawr!

msxDS v0.92

"- Fixed FM-PAC mapper (SRAM included).
- Fixed Game-Master 2 mapper (SRAM included).
- Fix the Kanji ROM driver size.
- Improved display of screen10 and screen12 modes.
- Compiled with devkitARM r36 et libnds 1.5.4+.
- Ability to display on the top screen the MSX software media image corresponding to the selected file. (Cartridge, floppy disk and tape)"


WinVZ300 (2011/12/26)


Bochs v2.5 SMP

"This package contains a Bochs executable compiled with Pentium 4 and SMP
support enabled. An existing Bochs installation of the same version is
required. By default it starts with one CPU and you can use the cpu count
option to enable more processors. Bochs currently supports up to 8 CPUs.
NOTE: The SMP feature in Bochs is still incomplete. Some of the SMP-aware
operating systems will work, other may still fail.

CPU count format: "cpu: count=PROCESSORS:CORES:THREADS"
cpu: count=2:2:1 # 2 cpus with 2 cores per cpu

See the home page of the Bochs project at http://bochs.sourceforge.net"


MESSinfo.dat v0.144u4

"* 1.61 20/12/2011: Added romset infos (bytes/# files/packed bytes) for 0.144u3 sets.
* 1.62 21/12/2011: Updated the SVN until December 21, 2011 (r13647).
* 1.63 26/12/2011: Aligned files to 0.144u4 version."


Fceux SVN r2376

* Tasedit: modeless FindNote window
* allow tabbing in Cheat console (#3384776)"


Stella SVN r2300

Added 'mcontrol' commandline argument, which allows to map mouse axes separately to different paddles.
Updated documentation for impending 3.5 release.
Updated OSX project file for 32&64-bit builds.
Add build info to the internal log.
Added better icons for Linux/UNIX."


MESS SVN r13732

Merged MAME and MESS pc_cga drivers
sat_jp: some more work. external submission. no whatsnew."


PCSX2 SVN r5021

gsdx linux:
* use memory instead of tr1 (was the experimental implementation of c++11)
* remove strict aliasing optimization because I saw some bad warnings
* Fix pthread of the previous commit. Use default attribute but it might need some tuning
gsdx linux:
* add the code to select the attribute (still the default but can be changed now)
* add a hidden option (condvar) to select between the 2 threads algorithm"


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