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Posted by : Luis Zena Dec 26, 2011

So here are the news for today!!

SSF v0.12 Beta R3

"-Fixed a bug in the 68000 emulator.
-Fixed a sound generation process.
-SCU-Fixed handling of DMA.
-State data saved version has changed.
-Established the option to set the percentage of scan lines.
-Established a treatment option to set the alternative SH2 recompile.
-Established the option to set the enable / disable the instruction cache SH2.
-We do not save the file to set the speed to emulate.
-Improved semi-transparent mesh.
-Fixed a bug that states can not save / load the scene.
-Version changed SSFV."


MESS SVN r13717

smsvdp.c: Delayed actual drawing of the gamegear graphics.
smsvdp.c: Renamed smsvdp_interface to sega315_5124_interface. (nw)
smsvdp.c: Renamed m_smsvdp_display_time to m_display_timer. (nw)
smsvdp.c: Renamed several defines from SMS_ to SEGA315_5124_ (nw)
smsvdp.c: Some more renaming (nw)
sat_jp: sorting through h and most i. external submission. no whatsnew.
Various fixed direction and card detection to the Joystick port in PC-based drivers
Added VGA attribute protection bit, fixes at least orange background in Doom install screen and Indiana Jones The Last Crusade gameplay"


DeSmuME SVN r4139

MMU: add (experimental) support for writing to VCount. This is apparently required for proper multiplayer sync."


ykhwong's DOSBox 0.74 SVN Build 25.12.2011

"This build is an enhanced SVN build which incorporates unofficial features and fixes that are not officially part of DOSBox. The best Dosbox version IMHO.

Included Patches:
Direct3D with pixelshaders, OpenglHQ, Innovation, Glide, zip/7z mount, Beep, NE2000 Ethernet, Graphis user interface (menu), Save/Load states, Vertical sync, CPU flags optimization, Various DOS commands (PROMP,T VOL, LABEL, MOUSE, etc) and CONFIG.SYS commands (DEVICE, BUFFERS, FILES, etc), Continuous turbo key, Core-switch key, Show details (from menu bar), Nice DOSBox icon, Font patch (cp437), COPY CON feature, MAKEIMG command, INTRO, Ctrl-break patch, DBCS support patch, Automatic mount, Printer output, MT-32, MP3CUE, Overscan, etc.

Build environment:
Based on MinGW/MSYS under Windows 7 x64
Flags: -s -O2 -pipe -fprofile-use -fomit-frame-pointer -mtune=i686 -march=i586 -mno-push-args -ffast-math -funroll-loops --param max-unrolled-insns=60
Libaries: SDL, SDL_sound, libpng, libphysfs, DirectX SDK library, Freetype, etc.
For advanced users who want to debug or compile, debugger-enabled build and source are available.

1. Based on SVN r3769
2. Fixed a crash with -noconsole
3. Fixed a problem that DOSBox could not load any parameter with restart (for example by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Home)
4. Fixed a problem related to d3dx9_43.dll when using pixel shaders
5. Fixed PCI functionality
6. Fixed a problem that DOSBox could not find msvcp100.dll in some environments
7. Fixed numlock issue
8. Fixed some minor bugs"


Mame32Plus [Ash-Build] v0.144u4

"-Updated at 25-12-2011.

NOTE: Some of those game must be hanging or doesn´t working at all, please gimme feedback about it.

- Updated with last mame/mameplus.


Dolphin GLSL-master Git 3.0-281

"* Move the GLSL extension checks over here so it is nicer.
* Go back to using glGetString with GL_EXTENSIONS because glew 1.7 is required to check for newer 4.2 extensions that way.
* Implement Program shaders cache. Seems to reduce a small amount of stuttering when F-Zero starts. Did it because I can :|
* Give OSX users more of a chance of supporting Single pass DSB in the future.
* Missed a if, don't want people crashing now do we?
* If CG isn't available, still compile and fallback on GLSL
* If user doesn't compile with glew 1.6, cut out program binaries so everything still compiles.
* Write all shaders to disk on emulator stop instead of constantly. Also change pair from u64 to u32.
* Only use explicit attribute locations when we are supporting GLSL > 1.2 since we need in/out instead of attribute variable types. This was brought to my attention from MESA. MESA supports GL_ARB_explicit_attrib_location, but yets to support GLSL 1.3, so basically useless extension to MESA right now?
* Add in the Windows fix.
* Missed a line here"


PCSX Reloaded SVN r73753

Thinning down PcsxrMemoryObject header down even more.
Making PcsxrMemoryObject only export getters."


Sega Genesis Plus GX v0.98 for Xbox360

"first public verion
merry xmas release :D"


Jpcsp SVN r2414

Added jpn0.pgf and kr0.pgf font files converted from free Japanese and Korean fonts as required by some applications (spotted by BlackDaemon).

Improved HLE module detection in ModuleMgrForUser.

Improved _sceAtracGetContextAddr.

Added new DRM findings to the CryptoEngine."


QMC2 SVN r3392

imp: checked MAME/MESS 0.144u4 compatibility
new: added a 'MESS wiki' detail to look up available driver information
fix: MESS wiki look-up: when the driver can't be determined (like in
case of 'isdevice=yes'), use the 'all drivers' page instead
imp: MESS wiki look-up: also cache the 'all drivers' page
imp: MiniWebBrowser: browser-plugins are now enabled per default (see
make option 'BROWSER_PLUGINS')"


MESS v0.144u4


New System Drivers Supported:
- Fidelity Champion Chess Challenger (model CSC). [Lord Nightmare, Kevtris, Sandro Ronco]
- Acetronic Chess Traveller. [Curt Coder]
- Triumph-Adler's Alphatronic PC [Ian Gledhill,Barry Rodewald,Robbbert]

Systems Promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING:

Skeleton drivers:

System Driver Changes:
-v1050: Added Winchester hard disk [Curt Coder]
-mac: match dumped Egret ROM versions to known machines. II/IIx/IIcx now
default to Apple 4*8 video card instead of RasterOps board to better
represent a common config and boot faster. [R. Belmont]
-lynx: Fixes a bug in the audio emulation that was causing mess to hang. [huygens]
Changed button ordering
Sprite scaling changes (Blue Lightning runway fixed)
-dc: added Katana Set 5 prototype BIOS (The Dumping Union)
-mac: Added preliminary Cuda skeleton. Doesn't sync up properly
with 68k yet. [R. Belmont, Paul Pratt]
-lynx: removed clearing of collision depository for background sprites
(Dirty Larry can now get to the second level, Scrapyard Dog goes in-game) [huygens]
-lynx: removed drawing of pad byte on end of scanline in completely literal
sprite data (fixes score display in Qix, Blue Lightning).[huygens]

Software Lists:
-v1050.xml: Added CP/M 3.0 (BIOS 1.4) to softlist. [rbramante]
-a7800.xml: Adding softlist information regarding known prototypes, verified
descriptions, general set upkeep.. more work needed. [Tafoid]
-ibmpcjr_cart.xml: adding required field for DOS disk in the carts which needs it. [Kaylee]

Source Changes:
-ipf: Cope with a probable image error (Chase H.Q. ST in particular) [O. Galibert]"


WinUAE v2.4.0 Beta 8

"- Fixed D3D RTG hardware cursor stupid divide by zero crash introduced in b6
- Old "Include CD/DVD drives.." now always mounts in CDFS + uaescsi.device mode (uaescsi.device is automatically enabled)
- Approximate CPU speed and 68020: divide A500 instruction cycle counts by 4.
- RTG vsync and >=100Hz display didn't work correctly.
- RTG vsync and non-fastest CPU speed mode fixed.
- Removed RTG autovsync setting, it does not make any sense.
- Fixed D3D + no filter crash in some situations.
- CDFS CD mounted drives are now bootable but only if media is present when drive is mounted to prevent ugly "No disk present in device CDx:" requesters.
- Display vertical position was wrong if A2024 or Graffiti emulation was enabled.
- AROS ROM updated.
- Low latency USB HID game controller raw input mode is now the default (except if Windows XP, it should work but enumerated device paths are wrong), old custom input mappings compatibility is not guaranteed, DirectInput is still used for any non-HID devices.
- Fixed HID analog stick handling if reported range was -val to +val instead of 0 to +val, also other small updates.
- USB HID device name detection improved, less generic names, better match with DirectInput device names.

Test all input devices and report any strange behavior!"


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