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Finds 333: A little bit of everything! Yet another successful trip!

By : famicomfreak

So another hunt came to an end with lots of new additions! Lets check them out! Be sure to remember that this is going to be more and more frequent as there are events going on next year that will stop this madness from happening. Might as well enjoy it while we can!

So here is a Star Wars game for the PC. Gotta pick up these classic PC games when you get to see them. I paid a dollar for this one so not much of an investment!

I finally found it! A gameboy player disc for the gamecube!! I have been looking for one for ages and for the price of one dollar, I couldn't say no! The sealed PS2 network adapter was five bucks so couldn't say no to that as well especially if I do plan on reselling it.

I got the Gameboy Colo pouch for five bucks which brought lots of goodies in there such as Pokemon cards (All are fire red energy cards) and two Pokemon gameboy games. Not bad huh?

I picked up Bust a Move 2 for two dollars while the disc only games were a dollar each which came with the puzzle street fighter 2 manual as a freebie. Gotta love extra stuff!

I picked up the Final Fantasy CIB game for 15 bucks at the Play n Trade while the NES cleaning kit was a dollar and the two Bible games were five bucks together. It's all good!

I also picked up this Wii remote for five bucks. The Asian Disney movie for two bucks and the pirate SNES 7 in 1 for four bucks! Gotta love pirates ARRRR!!

So that's it for this trip. There weren't that many finds but I'm very happy with my finds. I'm glad my buddy found something he would gladly enjoy which was a R.O.B. ! Yeah, that was an amazing find indeed! I will have more finds next week so until then!

Gameboy Player Disc (Gamecube)
Star Wars Tie Fighter (PC)
PS2 Network Adapter (PS2)
Pokemon Red (Gameboy)
Pokemon Pinball (Gameboy)
Pokemon Cards
Pokemon Gameboy Color Pouch
Bust a Move 2 (PS1)
Street Fighter Alpha (PS1)
Raiden Project (PS1)
Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Manual
Final Fantasy (NES)
NES Cleaning Kit (NES)
Bible Adventures (NES)
King of Kings The Early Years (NES)
7 in 1 (SNES)
Wii Classic Remote Black (Wii)
Bambi (DVD)

Finds 332: Lots of Homework to do, thank you baby! ^_^

By : famicomfreak

Totally forgot to post this here! This are my Milwaukee pick ups! All thanks to my baby girl! I sure have a lot to do as I have to play through each which I really can't wait. You know how much of a J-RPG fan I am. The one that meant to me the most is Final Fantasy 13 though...that's because well I'll just leave it at that....

Little Big Planet (PS3)
Final Fantasy 13 (PS3)
Atelier Rosona (PS3)
Mana Khemia 2 (PS2)
Heavenly (PS2)

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Finds 331: Beavis & Butthead

By : famicomfreak

Got some new items the other day but was too lazy to post about them. Here you go! Beavis and Butthead PC game sealed and two N64 controllers!

Beavis and Butthead (PC)
x2 Nintendo 64 Controllers

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Finds 330: Legend of Kage 2 & Etrian Odyssey 2

By : famicomfreak

So here we have a new set of games! I was able to stop at gamestop during my bike ride to check out if there was something interesting and was successful with my search.

Legend of Kage 2 (NDS)
Etrian Odyssey 2 (NDS)

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Retro Gaming News 059: Final Fantasy Zz (Hard Type) Released

By : famicomfreak

"I am happy to announce the official release of Final Fantasy Zz, a hard-type hack of the original Final Fantasy for the NES! Final Fantasy Zz includes both bugfixes and enhancements that will make this hack more fun and more challenging to play than the original.

Some of the enhancements include the ability to see the contents of a treasure chest without having to drop something if your inventory is full, the ability to buy 9 items at a time, new and more powerful magic spells, slightly remapped dungeons, new enemy formations and AI, improved and rebalanced classes, new equipment, and the ability to dash by holding the B button. Some of the bugfixes include fixing the INT bug for magic, fixing broken magic spells like TMPR and SLEP, fixing some cosmetic bugs, and fixing the multiple level-up bug.

This hack is recommended for people who are very experienced with the original Final Fantasy. There aren’t any cheap enemy encounters, such as Iron Golems in the Earth Cave, but if you are not careful, any battle could be your last.

This is a great hack that has taken almost four years to develop. Give Final Fantasy Zz a try! Good luck! (You’ll need it!)"


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Finds 328: Gifts from a Jew

By : famicomfreak

So I got some nice stuff from my friend, check it out! First we have a copy of Parasite Eve which I have been dying to play and finish (finally). Next to it is a boxed copy of Street Fighter 2 for the PC which comes with floppy disks, yes! floppy disks! How retro can you get??? And finally, Metal Gear Solid for the PS1! Another classic! It's that time again huh?

Parasite Eve (PS1)
Street Fighter 2 (PC)
Metal Gear Solid (PS1)

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10th 9/11 Anniversary

By : famicomfreak

So once again we are reminded of the terrorist attacks of 9/11. It has now been a decade of this event and as usual the TV is packed with documentaries and interviews to the families of the victims. Lots of new information comes up every year which is quite interesting nonetheless. So I hope everyone can have a minute of silence for the victims...at least!

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Playing Then, Playing Now 002: Not Much NES

By : famicomfreak

Persona IV save file gone!
I was shocked earlier this week to find out that my Persona 4 save game file was corrupted! Can you believe it? OMG My entire work gone! Luckily a very special someone is sending me a memory card with her save file which is just by the part where I left off, isn't that an awesome coincidence? Thank you hunny bunny!!!! AHHHHH! I can't wait for it to arrive so I can continue my Persona 4 quest and finally finish it off. That's all for this week!

NES Cellphone Emulator
So this week hasn't been much different from last week. I have been gaming on some Zelda 3DS but am getting excited at some of the future 3DS releases that will surely be worthwhile. In the meantime, I tried a NES emulator on my cell during break time at work. It's ok but I can't get used to the touch screen buttons. I'm so used to a gamepad! I guess I can always play RPGs with it since they are a lot slower-paced than other genres.

Retro Excremental Fecal Matter of the Week 000: A new beginning!

By : famicomfreak

Welcome to the introduction of a new series that will take place starting next week. The main idea of this series is to rant about the horrible games released over the years. There are many that we know of such as E.T. and Shaq Fu but there are others left out of the mix! We must revisit these horrible creations and curse them to hell! I will eventually go back to the more popular ones just to add them to the mix. I have given me a whole week to try to come up with the first entry. I hope you enjoy this as much as I will fuckers! Till Wednesday!

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