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Posted by : Luis Zena Apr 15, 2011

Having seen this game more than once, I had to talk about it. Super Wonderful Mario can go by many games such as Super Mario USA, Super Mario Bros 2, and even Super Bros 8. This game can be full of surprises so I had to get a copy of it. I did managed to get it through eBay believe it or not and played through it. The version I got was Super Mario USA which was renamed "Super Mario 5" for some reason. With pirates, you never know what you are gonna get.

So speaking of the pirate, the cartridge can bring three known games. I'm not sure about the odds but I think you would be happy with either game. In reality, it's only a shot at getting two games, Super Bros 8 or Super Mario USA. I of course would have loved to get a Super Bros 8 but others might like the magic of a hacked Doki Doki Panic. The copy I got of Super Wonderful Mario that came with Super Mario 5 which is actually Super Mario USA although the speed of the game is faster. It's like an overclocked game! It's odd though because the only thing that speeds up is the music. Mario and company are just their ordinary selves.
And so we go to the other game. Everyone should be familiar with this one. With so many incarnations over the years in such consoles as the SNES, Wii, and even the handheld GBA this game has been well known. Originally called Doki Doki Panic in Japan as a Famicom Disk System released, the game had nothing to do with the Mario Brothers saga. There is a whole article that will be released about the story behind this game as it's quite interesting. Furthermore, pirate or not the game is as awesome and memorable as ever.

If you ever run into Super Wonderful Mario in the wild, I suggest you pick it up. You will get a shot at a very wonderful game indeed and maybe some weirdness along the way. I hope you liked this pick and I'll see you next week with another pirate title!

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