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Posted by : Unknown Apr 23, 2011

Here we have a bunch of updates for today. Be sure to check them out :)

Test7 v20110422
"Test7 is a multi emulator frontend.
Instead of a list of game names, it displays a tiled view of thumbnails (one for each game).

It's based on the library "Slick" (http://slick.cokeandcode.com)

The config file is in JSON format (http://www.json.org)

To start the front-end type:
java -jar test7.jar

At launch, Test7 extracts the needed natives libraries in the current directory.
You must include this directory in the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

The current directory is automatically added to the PATH.

If it doesn't exist, Test7 creates a template config file test7.json"

Atari800 v2.2.0 OpenGL Test 4

"Atari800 is an Atari 800, 800XL, 130XE and 5200 emulator for Unix, Amiga, MS-DOS, Atari TT/Falcon, SDL and WinCE. Our main objective is to create a freely distributable portable emulator (i.e. with source code available). It can be configured to run in the following ways :
  • BASIC mode
  • CURSES mode
  • SVGALIB for Linux Systems
  • X Window + Optional XVIEW or MOTIF User Interface
  • CBM Amiga
  • MS-DOS
  • TOS (Atari Falcon030/TT030 and compatible)
  • MS Windows (DirectX)
  • SDL (many different platforms and systems)
  • WinCE
  • MacOS X
2011-04-22 Tomasz Krasuski
* src/sdl/input.c: Allow using SDL/LPT joysticks together with keyboard
joysticks. Previously if a user had a joystick connected, keyboard
joysticks were ignored.
* src/sdl/video.c, src/sdl/video_gl.c: Rework the resolution of the segfault
when switching between software<->OpenGL in Windows - now it always
reinitialises the video subsystem. The previous solution would later cause
glitches when rapidly resizing the OpenGL window.
* src/sdl/main.c, src/sdl/input.c: Delay processing of repeated window resize
requests on Windows to avoid a bug in SDL.

2011-04-18 Tomasz Krasuski
* src/ui_basic.c: Fix divsion by 0 in the slider control.
* src/configure.ac: Fix recently-introduced issue with building SDL/Windows -
adding SDL flags to CFLAGS must be done after all AC_CHECK_FUNCS tests but
before the OpenGL check.
* src/sdl/main.c: Fix Windows/SDL crash when the console window is closed by
user, by servicing console-sourced signals. The crash was due to the audio
subsystem not being closed properly.
* src/atari.c, src/sdl.main.c, src/sdl/video.[ch], src/sdl/video_gl.c, src/sdl/video_sw.[ch]:
On Windows use the DirectX backend only in fullscreen (supports VSync) and
Windib otherwise (DirectX backend is glitchy in windowed modes).
* src/ui.c: Use the slider control in the "Scanlines visibility" menu option;
improve several option names.
* src/cfg.c, src/screen.[ch]: Store the "Show speed", "Show disk activity" and
"Show sector counter" settings in config file.

2011-04-13 Tomasz Krasuski
* src/atari.c: Fix bug introduced at 04-09 with atari.c not compiling when
HAVE_SIGNAL is not defined.
* DOS/INSTALL, src/configure.ac, src/aclocal.m4: Detect presence of SDL
using the standard m4 script provided by SDL. New configure options are
available: --disable-sdltest, --with-sdl-prefix and --with-sdl-exec-prefix.
* src/sdl/video.c, src/sdl/video_gl.c: Fix misuse of SDL - setting pointers
to OpenGL functions must be performed after each call to SDL_SetVideoMode.
Fix a bug with screen_texture not always being freed when needed.
Make OpenGL log messages slimmer and let them appear only when initialising

2011-04-09 Tomasz Krasuski
* DOC/USAGE, src/atari800.man, src/ui.c, src/atari_ntsc/atari_ntsc.[ch],
src/sdl/palette.[ch], src/sdl/video.[ch], src/sdl/video_gl.[ch],
src/sdl/video_sw.[ch]: Add option for setting pixel (texture) format
in OpenGL mode - depending on graphics hardware, different formats give
the best performance. the BPP parameter is now only for software modes.
Also fix a bug with bit depth autodetection not working (in Windows BPP
autotetection works only before the first call to SDL_SetVideoMode), and use
the SDL 8-bit palettised video mode properly.
* DOC/USAGE, src/atari800.man, src/ui.c, src/sdl/video.[ch],
src/sdl/video_gl.[ch], src/sdl/video_sw.c: Add option for enabling
synchronization with vertical retrace - for SDL fullscreen non-OpenGL modes.
* DOC/USAGE, src/atari800.man, src/ui.c, src/sdl/video_gl.[ch]:
Add option for disabling OpenGL Pixel Buffer Objects - on some hardware they
decrease performance.
* DOC/USAGE, src/atari800.man, src/ui.c, src/videomode.[ch]:
Add option for automatic detection of host screen aspect ratio.
* DOC/USAGE, src/atari800.man, src/ui.c, src/videomode.[ch], src/sdl/video.c:
Rename several options to more intuitive names - in command line and in GUI:
-horiz-offset -> -horiz-shift, -vert-offset -> -vert-shift,
-stretch integer -> -stretch integral,
-keep-aspect 1to1 -> image-aspect square-pixels,
-[no]-opengl -> -[no]-video-accel
* src/ui.c: Reorder the Video Mode Settings menu, for better usability.
Use the slider control for video area/shift options.
* src/sdl/video_gl.c, src/sdl/video_sw.c: Call SDL_SetVideoMode() and display
ModeInfo only when necessary.
* DOC/USAGE, src/atari800.man, src/videomode.c, src/sdl/video.c: Other fixes
in help/documentation.
* src/sdl/main.c, src/sdl/video.[ch], src/sdl/video_gl.[ch], src/sdl/video_sw.c:
Try to reinitialise the SDL video subsystem after an error before failing.
This allows to recover from some hardware/driver-related errors.
* src/platform.h, src/videomode.c, src/sdl/input.c, src/sdl.video.c, src/sdl/video_sw.c:
Fix broken handling of SDL_VIDEORESIZE event: the call to SDL_SetVideoMode
must set the same window size as returned by the event. Also when window
is maximised, it is not allowed to un-maximise it by software. When these
conditions are not met, glitches occur.
* src/videomode.c: Fix broken aspect ratio correction in windowed rotated
modes. Make the windowed mode the default - it's more compatible.
* src/sdl/video_gl.c: Fix glitches when switching software<->OpenGL on
Windows. Avoid unnecessary scanline-drawing when scanline-percentage is 0.
* src/sdl/input.c: Work around unwanted keyboard events when pressing
Alt+Tab on Windows.
* src/atari.c, src/ui.c, src/sdl/input.c: Fix abuse of signals.
Atari800_Exit() calls signal-unsafe functions, so it cannot be called from
within a signal handler.
* src/sdl/main.c: Close the SDL window when the monitor is used, to avoid
unnecessary keyboard events.
* src/monitor.c: Fix improper handling of the prompt when readline is used.

2011-04-04 James Wilkinson
* configure.ac, Makefile.in: maintain support for older compilers (DOS, BeOS)

2011-04-03 Kostas Nakos
* android/*: Implement new screen cropping preferences,
some small port fixes,
implement new arrow key derotation workaround for ext. keyboards"


Emu Loader v6.1.5

" version 6.1.5 change log - April 22, 2011


Played column was not being sorted correctly. All other columns are sorted as strings so, they should sort correctly

When in grouped view mode, all columns were being indented (clone games). Only the title column should be indented

Games filters were messing games list up (main tool bar buttons, left panel filter, text bar filter)




After scaning a single game, left panel filter is re-applied if enabled




New setting: "Disable Clone Indent" (main menu "View"). Check this option to prevent clone games indentation (grouped view mode only)"


PCSX2 SVN r4587

spu2x: remove some definition (fix gcc-4.6)
gsdx: add a missing include (fix gcc-4.6). Force an init of sdl to allow in-emulation configuration"


Dolphin Texcache-Rewrite SVN r7480

texcache-rewrite: Merge latest from trunk"

Zsnes Portable 1.51 Test1
Be sure to check out Zsnes portable! Download here

Mame Plus! Plus Kaillera v0.142u1 r57

sync to r4859
sync to r4861"


Mame Plus! v0.142u1 r4861

Updated to MAME 0.142u1 core

*-broken extra drivers (plus, homebrew, decrypted, console)
updated jp list (jplist0142r4855_0421) [mamelist jp]
updated jp command.dat (command_0142_20110421) [MRT]
*[MESS] sync with svn r11255
*temporary fix (extra drivers)
*sync with mameui
*fix SUBTARGET=ncp"

DOSBox SVN r3699

add function to manually trigger the 16bit sb IRQ (ripsaw; fixes sb16 detection for Assault Wing)"

WinUAE v2.3.2 Beta 6

"- Display panel overwrites chipset_refreshrate decimal part only when slider is adjusted
- Display panel directly accepts non-integer refresh rates
- last serial port device was not listed (b1)
- added serial_stopbits configuration parameter, sets Paula serial port emulation stop bit length. (0 = 1bit, 1 = 1.5bits, 2 = 2bits) Technically it should always work but at least some USB adapters don't seem to reliably read Amiga serial data at 19200 without setting it to 1 or 2. (interestingly for example 115200 works fine, this is quite confusing)
- Gameports panel remapping fixed (b4)
- avioutput refresh rate was not rounded to nearest integer (b5)
- fixed crash when switching from RTG mode to native mode (old bug, only in specific combination of filter and display settings)"

That's all the updates for today ^_^

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