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Posted by : Luis Zena Feb 23, 2011

Pokemon Red for the Gameboy changed the way we looked at monsters but Pokemon Red for the Famicom changed the ways we looked at Ash. Not only is this game buggy as hell but they forgot to show the Pokemon you choose for battle therefore always showing Ash in battle as if he was fighting the pokemon. There is no other way to explain monster cruelty when Ash uses his scratch attack on the poor monsters. Putting that aside, this game is actually very interesting and one that any pokemon fan shouldn't ignore.
The game is one of the very obscure releases in China. It was done with the intend to revive the Famicom console which is still alive in many places around the world believe it or not. The game was a very good attempt to port the gameboy title to an 8-bit console. It is very possible but it felt short in many factors like the battles and the music. The scenery also feels left unfinished but I have to hand it to these programmers to be able to accomplish such a task at all. The story is the same as the one in the original as you start off your journey to become a pokemon master. You have your rival and must get all eight badges. This is one of the games you can play through even if you don't know Chinese that is if you have played through the original ones as you will be able to know where to go or who to talk to.

As I mentioned before, Ash beats up pokemon. His pokemon won't obey him so he needs to go out and beat them up himself to gain respect. You are also at a higher level than all other pokemon which will aide you in your quest as you will be the only one to fight all these monsters. The battles are just like the ones in the original. You can attack, use item, run away, and switch pokemon once you have caught more. The music during the battles scenes is a tune of classical music. Yeah, you won't find any pokemon music in this game. I'm guessing they didn't have the will or time to port it like other pirates out there have done so.

The game does have the cities as the original does with the usual pokemart and pokemon center to help you heal yourself and your pokemon. You will also encounter different pokemon in the wild unlike the original one, you may find a legendary pokemon in the wild at one point or another. It's quite bizarre really but you have to think once more that this is a pirate and there are no legit rules!
So that should be it for this game. I have given you enough information so that you can make your decision whether you want to play this "gem" or not. There have been some claims that certain games freeze after a certain point but that's only if you play it on the console. If anything, use save state and be careful of what you do in the game. It's a fun experience overall and anyone will get a kick out of this one. Gotta catch em all pirate style arrrrr!

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