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Posted by : Luis Zena Jan 26, 2011

With so many pirates out there we should thank the people perverted enough to bring us porno pirates! Porno pirates are just what you think they are, pirates for the adult audience. Now, these games don't have sexual scenes or anything like that but rather nakedness in awesome 8-bit form. Here we are twenty something years later and still talking about these obscure games. There were a bunch from and although the company Panesian got most of the popularity and glory, although there were others out there putting their share of perverttion. Super Pig was another one with many titles although they were for the Famicom Disk System as well as Hacker International. I will talk about them some other time though. Lets focus on Soap Panic!

Bubble Bath Babes is your average puzzler game that will keep you glued to the screen for hours. I literally played this game for hours and hours just looking at the sweet sexy boobies ah yes, there are boobies in this one. I didn't got any source of turn on from them because lets face it, they are 8-bit boobies but I did found it quite interesting that these sort of games were released for the classic console. The game plays somehow like Tetris. You have to live up your bubbles with other bubbles of the same color. There are different combos you can accomplish if you place your bubbles in the right place. There are also letters in certain bubbles that you'll be collecting throughout the level. Once you are done, you are done! You go to another level with the same gal but higher difficulty.

This pic is not from the game but I though it would be great to add to the mix.

This is a simple game with a sexy gal. Furthermore, the music is quite naughty. It makes me feel like if I'm watching this girl in the bathtub or whatever she is laying on. I feel she is calling on to me to do naughty things to her....it's a very uncanny feeling! Yes I said it, I have perverted thoughts of an 8-bit pixelated girl!

The game has two title variations. The other one is called Soap Panic.

I highly suggest you skip on buying on this one as the prices are incredibly high and totally not worth unless you are a serious collector. Even if you are a serious collector, I suggest you try to hunt this one down rather than throw away a down payment on a car for it. Of course, I'm always here to provide you with the alternative. So that's all I can say about this game in a nutshell, just go play and I'm sure you'll find it interesting.

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