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Posted by : Unknown Dec 23, 2010

Here is a little gadget I am dying to try out. It's called the Super GB Booster and it's for the original playstation (not PS1). The main purpose of this accessory is to let you play your gameboy and gameboy color games on your playstation console. Isn't that neat? The Booster also uses a gameshark-like cheat menu which also lets you add your own cheats to your gameboy games. The games are run by an emulator(Not sure which) so it's said that the emulator is not one hundred percent compatible and that you could see a glitch or two here and there. Nevertheless, I must try this baby out sometime in the future.

As you can see, I have bought two of them. The reason for this is because they are very obscure third party accessories that they might break fast. If everything works great though, I will keep the other one sealed....till next time and happy holidays!

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Super GB Booster (PS1)

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