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Posted by : Luis Zena Oct 29, 2010

While there are so many bizarre Yu-gi-oh! cards out there...this one really made me think twice about adding it to my deck. Not only is this card unbeatable since it resides in the magic and trap card zone but it has a whopping attack of 11200! You can't go wrong with using this card in play! This is your ace!
"The huge octopus hiding in the seabed suddenly floats out of surface to attack the enemy" Hmmm this isn't as bad as other amazing cards I have come across but it could have been better....The attack and defense of this monster makes it a must. The only way the attack of this monstrosity's attack being stopped is by a magic cylinder which means game! There are various other cards that can deflect the attack but alas not destroy it....hmmm now that I think about it mystical space typhoon can come in very handy....get it?

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