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Posted by : Luis Zena Oct 13, 2010

So here we go! The first of many showcases of amazing cards with incredible effects! You have to have this card because of its amazing effects and powers. She is not only of the dark attribute but she packs a whooping 2000 attack points.
The text of the card reads as follow: "In case that you have no cartoon on field, no power to make a special call. While the cartoon world is destroyed, this card also is ruined, if your opponent has no power to control cartoon, effective to launch the fighting to destroy the Black Devil or Carosi Devil. Your offensive can be boosted by 300 points."

Hmmmm....I'm not sure what to think of this except who the hell is Carosi Devil? I'm guessing that's Dark Magician? Or something else for the matter. Well, you judge how great the text is for this card.....I summoned a Devil Girl onto field, no power of 200 points and field is negated by Carosi Devil.....WTF!!!

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