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Posted by : Luis Zena Oct 22, 2010

With a dry week of findings there hasn't been much to put my hands into but I think this title would be worth a mention. ISS Pro 98 is what turned out to be the toughest rivalry the FIFA franchise ever had. The ISS games have always been something to play with ease and have had good gameplay since their first releases all the way back in the SNES. They didn't make it big until FIFA screwed things up and they stepped in with an even better game engine. EA sports had no other choice than to copy their rivals but still made things wrong. This is one of the reasons why video games are specifically purely about gaming and a true gamer will realize that. Who care if FIFA had all the team kits, in the end are you really playing with satisfaction? I think not.

ISS Pro 98 is just one of the first installments for the PS1 console and sadly the only one released here in the states. Europe was lucky enough to get their later releases every year and Japan had the same luck. The game shows a lot of promise and even though they don't have every international team, they still manage to give you a good line up of teams that you can have fun for hours to end. You can also have your own tournaments and play however you want. All in all, this game brings you the best of what's to come. The gameplay is tough and makes you want to have a rematch over and over. The game stays very real as you will probably won't win your matches in exaggerated fashion, but have close exciting matches.

This is what soccer is all about on the PS1, a must have but be sure to pay quite an amount for it. This game is hard to come by and well worth it!

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